Pricing Plans And Subscription Payment Script

With our FREE Pricing Plans and Subscription Payment Script you can show three different pricing plans your customers can subscribe for and enable them to pay their monthly subscription fees via PayPal. Download script or check demo Demo Download Showcase 3 different pricing plans on your website and allow your customers to sign up for...Read More

How to Create Progress Bar

Creating a Progress Bar Step 1) Add HTML Code: <div id=”myProgress”> <div id=”myBar”></div> </div> Step 2) Create  CSS: #myProgress { width: 100%; background-color: grey; } #myBar { width: 1%; height: 30px; background-color: green; }   Step 3) Add JavaScript: Create a Dynamic Progress Bar (animated) Using JavaScript: function move() { var elem = document.getElementById(“myBar”); var…Read More

PHP form validation

Lets create a simple form with name, email, website, comment and gender fields, having name, email and gender field as an required field. In the following code we have added some variables: $nameErr, $emailErr, $genderErr, and $websiteErr. These error variables will hold error messages for the required fields. We have also added an if else statement for…Read More